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Common Ailments of Skin
2013-02-25, 9:11 PM

Common Ailments of Skin

Generally skin has multiple functions hence we can call it as first line defence of the body because it prevents the entry of pathogenic organisms into the body.

Occasionally organisms damage skin by entering into the body hence skin disease occurs.

The study of skin diseases: Dermatology.


Ø  Common diseases in Humans

·         Leprosy

It is caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium leprae which infects the skin underlying tissues and nerves and also spreads from one person to other person.

·         Tetanus

It is caused by a bacteria Clostridium tetani which enters through the wounds, infection occurs by spores present in soil and dust affects the nervous system.

·         Scabies

It is caused by a mite known as itch mite (Sarcoptes scabies)

It is one of the most common skin disease occurs in children and spreads from person to person by physical contact and also spreads by the use of clothes used by the infected child.

§  Structure of itch mite

  It looks like a spider belongs to phylum Arthropoda. The shape of the body resembles like a tortoise with convex on upper side and flat on lower side consisting small hair like structure known as bristles. It is very small in size but visible to naked eye as a minute white dot with dark bands. Female mite is bigger than the male mite consisting 4 – 6 pairs of legs with suckers and is different in male and female.

Ø  Life Cycle

o   After copulating male mite dies and female mite is fertilized this makes S shaped tunnel in the skin and burrows into the tunnel known as moulting pocket.

o   Female mite lives in the bottom of the tunnel for about 2 months, lays 2 – 3 eggs per day and dies at the end of second month.

o   Eggs develop into 6 legged insect as larvae which moves around the skin and make fresh burrows by moulting 3 times before it becomes adult.


·         Symptoms

o   Intense itching.

o   Itching is very low during day time and severe at night times.


·         Result

By severe itching blood will comes out and spreads the disease to fresh areas on the body.

·         Affected Parts

Web of fingers, wrist, abdomen and majorly in urinary system.

·         Treatment

Using of anti-parasitic drugs and sulphur containing ointments Example : Itch guard

·         Precautions

o   Washing the clothes with hot water, make them to dry under the sun and must be ironed.

o   Clothes of affected child should be soaked in boiling water.

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